Sunday, December 20, 2009


This recipe is from Family Circle Magazine.
Starting with a spiral cut ham will make this easier. A (7) lb. Half Ham (Serves 10-14) from Honey Baked Ham will cost you $49.95 , if it is not shipped. A sprial cut ham from Safeway at 1.69 a pound (SALE PRICE) will be about 11.83 for the ham alone. If you make your own honeybaked type ham it will be well under 15.00, depending on the cost of the ingredients for the honey type glaze. That's approximately a $35.00 savings, so try making your own ham this year, it's worth it!

Knock-off Honey Baked Ham
1/2 spiral cut smoked ham (@ 7 lbs. fully cooked)
1/2 Cup pear juice
1/2 Cup orange juice
1/2 Cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2 Cup honey

Preheat oven to 375 ° F.
Place ham, cut end down, in a large baking pan.
Mix pear nectar and orange juice in a bowl. Bake ham for 15 minutes basting frequently with juices.
Mix brown sugar and honey together in a small bowl. Brush mixture over ham and bake for another hour or until internal temperature reads 140 °F.

Honey Baked Ham corporation uses a butane torch to carmelize the glaze to a crust. The ham is placed on top of a huge metal drum covered with foil and carmelized. It can be done aat home by turning the ham onto its flat end on a plate. Use a torch with a medium-size flame to caramelize the sugar. Wave the torch over the sugar with rapid movement, so that the sugar bubbles and browns. Be careful not to burn the ham. Turn plate so that you can run the torch over the entire surface of the ham. Be VERY CAREFUL when using the torch.


  1. Yummm... sounds good. I'll have to look for pear juice for the next time. Have my ingredients all lined up already for this holiday. I'm thing Easter....

  2. Katy,
    If you can't find pear juice, just use the juice from a can or 2 of pears packed in fruit juice. All juice packed fruit use pear juice (since it is inexpensive)and a bit of other fruit juices.