Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meemo's Kitchen

As you may have discovered, in much the same way I did, Google has removed my blog Meemo's Kitchen without any notice after five years of almost daily posting. They (Google) pulled several (mostly sandwich) recipes back in January and then again most of my recipes in late August. Two days later I received an email stating they have pulled the blog entirely, no explanation.

The recipes in question all had the same name as a well known party with several books on cloned restaurant recipes. This person has a reputation on many sites and forums as being an internet bully. I guess I should have given the recipes different names, but Red Robin California Chicken Burger may taste the same if it was named Chicken, Cheese and Guacamole Burger  it just wouldn't be as easily identified as a copycat or restaurant recipe.

I can't thank Meemo's many supporters enough. You have encouraged me to keep posting during times when I thought I just couldn't keep going working 10-12 hr days and posting each evening. The many supporters that took the time to post comments were always there with encouragement and support when I seemed to need it most. Thank you all.

I hope you will continue to support Meemo's Kitchen. Please keep watching for a new site. I may open another blog or possibly continue the slow process of creating Meemo's own site

For those of you who would like to be contacted when I have a site or new blog up and running please send me an email with MEEMO in the subject line and I will send an email with the new link when it's up and running. You can email me by clicking the icon on top of the right sidebar.

Thank you again for your support.

Pattie Kaykes